Wellness Activity Series

We know that you're busy, so we've made it easy!

Use our Wellness Activities to grow and strengthen your own (or your team's) wellness acumen and dabble in an assortment of activities that flex the different aspects of health. 

Get in touch with your ASEBP Workplace Wellness Consultant for ideas on when to use these activities and to support your team's wellness journey.

Developing Resilience

  • Circle of Influence: Through this self-reflective activity, encourage your team to focus on the things they can positively influence to develop positive coping strategies.
  • Positive Reframing: Positive reframing is when we reconsider our thoughts in a helpful light. Lead your team through this reflective activity and explore a situation using positive reframing and, where possible, look for opportunities to turn lemons into lemonade!
  • Resilience Builder: If you work out, you know that strength-training builds muscle mass and strength. And the same is true for your resilience! Use this activity to help your team develop its resilience and brainstorm ideas for coping in challenging situations.

Finding Your Purpose

  • Looking Forward: Change and fear of the unknown can easily become a barrier to our happiness. Through this self-reflective activity, participants are encouraged to imagine their lives in different ways for a safe exploration of choices and change.
  • Values Exploration: Living a happy life is easier when our actions are in line with our values and goals. Lead your team through this self-reflective activity where you will identify ways to more closely align your actions with the goals and values most important to you.
  • Your 5 W's: We are far more likely to stay motivated and find meaning in our work when we are intentional with our time and energy. Use this activity to reflect on what inspires your team’s passion to do their work and how they bring their sense of purpose to the workplace.

Leveraging Your Strengths

  • Loathe it or Love it: Use this activity to help your team uncover all the things within their day that energize and exhaust them—then focus on the love and leave behind the loathe!
  • Strength Finder: Every person has their own set of talents and skills. Lead your team through this guided activity to learn more about each other’s strengths and how to leverage them as a team.


  • Art of Centering: Sometimes you just need to take a breather, which is what this activity is all about! Get your whole team together or take a moment alone to focus on using your breath to relax your body and mind.
  • Glad Minute: With this activity, it’ll only take a minute—a “Glad Minute,” that is—to have your whole team basking in the glow of gratitude. All you need is a pen, paper and a timer.
  • Gratitude Tree: Create your own gratitude tree and see wellness bloom in your workplace!
  • Letter to Yourself: Not all love letters have to come from others! In this activity, participants can practice self-compassion, and enjoy its benefits, by writing a letter to themselves from a loved one's perspective.
  • Taking a Daily Vacation: Kick your team’s happiness meters up a notch by encouraging them to take a daily vacation! This activity helps participants find ways to take a short break every day to reflect, refuel and recharge.
  • Three Things: Participants in this activity can reflect and express small things they’re thankful for that impact their personal well-being in big ways. Best of all, this activity is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Planning for Overall Wellness

  • Self-Care A-Z: Brainstorm and discuss an alphabetical array of self-care practices with this team activity, and help participants explore the many forms self-care takes.
  • Dimensions of Wellness: Brainstorm and discuss the different aspects of wellness while leading your team through this self-assessment to help pinpoint areas of strength and improvement.


Strengthening Connections with Others

  • Circle of Appreciation: Being recognized at work helps us feel valued and part of a larger purpose. Use this activity to bond with your team and develop a deeper understanding for each other.
  • Creating Social Connection: It’s time to learn something special about your neighbour and increase your group’s social connections in the process. This is a great activity to kick-start any wellness session!
  • Exploring Interaction Styles: Learn more about the different interaction styles and change your approach to interacting with coworkers, students, and families—or even your loved ones!

Time Management

  • Time Quadrants: Set priorities so you can do more of the things you want to! Based on Stephen Covey’s method of setting priorities, this self-reflective activity encourages you and your team to categorize the activities you do every day, and then reorganize them so you have more time for the things that are really important to you.
  • What's On Your Plate?: What’s on your Plate? is the perfect place to start any workplace wellness journey as it will remind participants that while we all may have our plates filled with different expectations and commitments, a little room can leave us all feeling a little more fulfilled.