Structure of Leadership Support

The who, what, where, when, why and how case for a wellness program.

Committee of Wellness

Steps and resources for creating or maintaining a wellness committee.

Health Assessments

Tools for marking baseline and benchmarking change as well as educating employees about their own health.

Outline of Plan and Action

Strategic planning of initiatives.

Operation of Plan and Action

Turning your plans into actions.

Learning and Progressing

Assessing initiatives, programs and activities to evaluate their impact and communicating the results.

Other Resources

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Outline of Plan and Action

You know what you’re going to do! You’re ready to do it! Whoa…hold on! It’s great to be excited, but a successful initiative is utterly dependent on the planning that goes into it. Take the time to consider your budget, what you want to do, roles for the committee and the community, how you’ll communicate and then how you might develop and sustain your awesome initiative to promote the healthy culture of your organization. Find planners, worksheets and fantastic employee wellness activities here that are easy to implement. Now go!

5 Steps to a Healthy School Community


Even in these tough times, there's lots of momentum around school wellness. Alberta Health Services offers a five-step process for creating and fostering a healthy school community. 

Healthy School Policy Toolkit


If you’re looking to create, improve or maintain your healthy school community, this toolkit’s for you! It contains multiple resources—which can be used alone or in combination—to guide you in the development of best practice policies and procedures supporting a healthy school community.

Guide for Choosing School Health Resources


With so many health resources, how do you decide which to pursue? Well the answer is, strangely enough, with yet another resource. This Alberta Heath Services guide will help you choose a school health and wellness resource by addressing four key questions through their pillars of comprehensive school health.

ASEBP and You: A Partnership in Wellness

Report or Publication

ASEBP has a team of workplace wellness consultants that want to help YOU on your workplace wellness journey—check out this resource to read all about who they are, what they do and how they do it. Oh, and how to get in touch with them, of course!

Vision and Mission Template

Worksheet or Template

Use this helpful template to help your committee draft its vision and mission, as you get started on the path of developing a structure for school division workplace wellness.

Together in Wellness Series

Worksheet or Template

The Together in Wellness series are supplementary pieces that have grown out of the 2020-21 ASEBP Calendar & Health Planner. Each of the monthly topics found in the Planner will now have three supporting pieces: Your Guide to Wellbeing, A Guide for Leaders and Wellness Champions and poster templates. Check back frequently as topics will be added as they become available.

My Wellness Goal Planner

Worksheet or Template

Combining goal-setting with a schedule is a recipe for wellness success! This planner will help you and your team define your wellness goals and establish a strategy to help you achieve them.

ASEBP Professional Learning Support


Are you looking for ways to support your workplace's wellness needs through professional learning opportunities? Contact ASEBP and connect with a workplace wellness consultant to discuss a strategy that best meets your needs. 

Ever Active Staff Wellness: Walk the Talk

Worksheet or Template

Learn the ins and outs of wellness with your colleagues as you each reflect on your own health through the five dimensions of wellness. Learn and share strategies and practices to staying well in this 'inside-out' approach to wellness.

The Idea Readiness Tool: Getting Great Ideas off the Ground

Report or Publication

Put the Idea Readiness Tool (IRT) into action with this handy workbook! The IRT helps wellness champs understand their school community’s level of willingness for adopting new ideas and offers strategies for taking action. This workbook includes the IRT’s checklist for assessing readiness and then takes things a step further with a space for outlining your idea.

Idea Readiness Tool

Report or Publication

Get ready for a tool that helps wellness champions understand their school community's level of willingness for adopting new ideas, offers strategies for taking action and most of all, conveniently named.

Workplace Healthy Eating Challenge

Worksheet or Template

Challenge yourself and your colleagues to eat better with the Healthy Eating Challenge toolkit. This challenge is a great team-building activity, a fun and engaging way to promote healthy eating and a great means of introducing small, but significant, changes to your diet through its weekly challenge themes.

Healthy U Food Checker

Worksheet or Template

Check yourself before you wreck yourself—with unhealthy foods. Use the "food checker" to compare food items and get recommendations based off of Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide. This tool can be used to encourage staff awareness around food labels, portion sizes and making healthy food choices.

Alberta Blue Cross Workplace Wellness Toolkit

Report or Publication

This toolkit is understanding, reassuring, motivating, helpful and by the sounds of its description, your new best friend. It identifies the steps towards initiating a workplace wellness initiative with detailed examples for each step along the way.

9 Ideas to Kick Start Staff Wellness


Programs and practical tools that can be used in schools to implement staff wellness programs. These are effortless ideas with lasting effects.

Savour Healthy Eating


“The bigger, the better” doesn’t apply to Homewood Health’s take on Nutrition Month. Their “100 meal journey” is about making small—but healthier—changes to every meal with the big goal of creating lasting results. This kit has essential information and guidelines to support healthier food choices and is great for promoting nutritional wellness in the workplace.

Pour une alimentation sainet et savoureuse


Mars est le Mois de la nutrition et Homewood Santé encourage chacun de vous à participer à des activités portant sur le thème de cette année : Le défi des 100 repas. Faites de petits changements, un repas à la fois. Cette campagne vise à vous fournir de l’information et des conseils afin de vous aider à améliorer la qualité de votre alimentation et à diminuer les quantités consommées. La trousse ci-jointe vous inspirera des idées pour faire de petits changements et des stratégies pour faire en sorte que ces changements durent.

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