Structure of Leadership Support

The who, what, where, when, why and how case for a wellness program.

Committee of Wellness

Steps and resources for creating or maintaining a wellness committee.

Health Assessments

Tools for marking baseline and benchmarking change as well as educating employees about their own health.

Outline of Plan and Action

Strategic planning of initiatives.

Operation of Plan and Action

Turning your plans into actions.

Learning and Progressing

Assessing initiatives, programs and activities to evaluate their impact and communicating the results.

Other Resources

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Learning and Progressing

At this point you’ve made it through a program—congratulations! This is a major accomplishment and you should be proud, but the work is not over yet—it’s time to close the loop and evaluate your program. Take the time to assess and evaluate your planning, committee or execution—you’ll be so happy you did as planning for your next initiative is likely just around the corner! Find a number of examples, guides and even a rubric here that will guide you in your quest for success.

ASEBP Health Profile Report

Report or Publication

Get to know your school community with a custom ASEBP Health Profile Report! This report provides aggregate-level information about the health of ASEBP-covered employees—and their dependants—in your workplace, including lifestyle behaviours that can help prevent, treat or manage chronic health conditions. Your leadership group can request a custom report today!

Note: The link provided is a sample. For a customized report, please contact an ASEBP workplace wellness consultant.

Developing and Sustaining Workplace Wellness in a School Division

Worksheet or Template

Are you planning a workplace wellness initiative? You've come to the right place! Start off by looking at this guide to building sustainability into your employee wellness plans. This resource also includes how to structure your workplace wellness initiative at the school or division level, planning tips, and examples for how to create a committee terms of reference and write a wellness champion role description.

Compassion Fatigue, Emotional Labour and Educator Burnout

Report or Publication

Working in the Alberta public school system demands emotional labour from teachers, school leaders and other education workers. In 2020, the Alberta Teachers' Association and the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan, funded a research study conducted by the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. Find out more about the study results:

Together in Wellness Series

Worksheet or Template

The Together in Wellness series are supplementary pieces that have grown out of the 2020-21 ASEBP Calendar & Health Planner. Each of the monthly topics found in the Planner will now have three supporting pieces: Your Guide to Wellbeing, A Guide for Leaders and Wellness Champions and poster templates. Check back frequently as topics will be added as they become available.

My Wellness Goal Planner

Worksheet or Template

Combining goal-setting with a schedule is a recipe for wellness success! This planner will help you and your team define your wellness goals and establish a strategy to help you achieve them.

Building Healthy School Communities - Online Course


The Comprehensive School Health (CSH) Hub is a community of individuals involved in teaching, learning, and researching CSH. In partnership with Ever Active Schools and collaboration with the Werklund School of Education, an online foundational course, Building Healthy School Communities, has been created to help prepare all school community members with skills and information on how to promote and create healthy learning environments.

Working from Home Ergonomic Checklist

Worksheet or Template

Proper ergonomics are crucial for ensuring a comfortable work environment—which is why we’ve compiled this checklist to help you improve your home workstation setup. While you might not be able to implement all of these, even a few small changes can make a big difference!

ASEBP Professional Learning Support


Are you looking for ways to support your workplace's wellness needs through professional learning opportunities? Contact ASEBP and connect with a workplace wellness consultant to discuss a strategy that best meets your needs. 

Workplace Wellness Programs Study

Report or Publication

Get the inside scoop on the benefits, impact, role of financial incentives and key facilitators of workplace wellness programs with this study.

Local Action: Creating Health Promoting Schools

Worksheet or Template

Act local and see worldwide involvement thanks to this World Health Organization document. Use these worksheets to identify health issues in your school and community and the steps to take towards improvement, planning and implementing health initiatives.

Happy Employees, Happy Workplace


The dog is barking, the kids are fighting and you're attempting to respond to work emails while running around trying to find your left shoe. Sound familiar? Give yourself and your co-workers a hand by using this week-by-week guide as the inspiration for your next workplace wellness initiative! Find tips on healthy lifestyles, mental health awareness, eating well and corporate social responsibility—all inspired by October’s Healthy Workplace Month.

Building Stronger Teams: Supporting Effective Team Leaders

Worksheet or Template

A strong team starts with a strong leader. Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and your team by using these activities to successfully navigate through both the challenges and successes that may come your way. Whether you’re sailing the seas of self-awareness or manoeuvring your way through the canals of communication, you can make sure that your (relation)ship is properly equipped on your journey to resilience.

Communities ChooseWell: Online Toolkit


Whether you’re new to the wellness game or a seasoned vet, you’ll be able to flex your wellness champion muscles with this toolkit from Communities ChooseWell. Find helpful tips and resources for whatever stage you’re at with your wellness initiative.

Steps for Building Healthy School Communities


Similar to The Sandbox’s SCHOOL model, Alberta Health Services offers this six-step process for creating and fostering a healthy school community. If you’re looking for answers to your wellness initiative questions, be sure to check out this website.

The State of Educators' Professional Learning in Canada

Report or Publication

Hands up for professional development! Shaping young minds doesn’t happen in a vacuum—it’s important for us all to hone our skills and be continual learners. This study, by Learning Forward, explores professional development practices among Canadian educators, identifying key components and features of effective professional learning and highlights findings from what educators across the country experience.

Healthy School Policy Toolkit


If you’re looking to create, improve or maintain your healthy school community, this toolkit’s for you! It contains multiple resources—which can be used alone or in combination—to guide you in the development of best practice policies and procedures supporting a healthy school community.

Workplace Financial Literacy


Do you and your team have money on the mind—and not in a fun, singing your favourite lyric sort of way? Fortunately, with this assortment of free programs and resources from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, you can help your colleagues manage a major source of stress by encouraging, sharing and integrating financial wellness tools and practices into your workplace.

Ever Active Schools - Staff Wellness Success Stories


Get inspired with success stories from school staff wellness programs across Alberta. And don’t worry, they’re not tongue twisters like that last sentence.

Guarding Minds @ Work: A Workplace Guide to Psychological Health and Safety


Use this guide to protect and promote psychological health and safety in the workplace by assessing and addressing the 13 psychosocial factors known to have a significant impact on organizational health, the health of individual employees and finances.

Mental Health Online Resources for Educators (MORE) Brochure

Report or Publication

Alberta Health Services’ Healthy Minds Healthy Children program has lots of great resources for professionals working with children and adolescents, and the best news is they’re free! This brochure contains a list of learning modules that cover a variety of topics related to mental health and wellness for children of all ages.

Favoriser la santé de l'organisation


Pour célébrer le mois du bienêtre en milieu de travail en octobre, ceci est un guide hebdomadaire pour promouvoir la santé et le bienêtre des employés.

Moving Ahead: Workplace Interventions to Reduce Physical Inactivity and Sedentary Behaviour


This is big news you shouldn’t take a seat for. This publication from the Canadian Alliance of Sustainable Health Care provides employers with examples of organizational approaches and programs for how to effectively promote physical activity and reduce sedentary habits in the workplace.

Alberta Blue Cross: Workplace Wellness Online


This site is an excellent starting point for Alberta employers of any size looking to take steps toward workplace wellness promotion. Check out their handy toolkits, tools and tips covering the full scope of workplace wellness.

Alberta Health Services Healthy Schools Rubric

Worksheet or Template

If anyone was to know anything about rubrics, it would be those in the education system. Use this rubric worksheet as a basis to evaluate your wellness program’s progress and determine which aspects of the program require improvement or focus.

Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health


This has everything you need all in one place. With just one click you’ll find mental health resources, regional health data, the concepts and framework behind the notion of Comprehensive School Health and so much more.

Physical Activity at Work


Get working on your health at work! This collection of resources describes the health and productivity benefits of integrating physical activity in the workplace and ideas and steps for implementing changes.

Not Myself Today


You may not be yourself today, but you’re not alone. The Not Myself Today campaign helps organizations achieve a better understanding of one’s own mental health, reduction in mental health stigma and a safe, open and supportive work environment. Participating organizations receive support, tools and resources to educate and engage all employees around this very important issue.

4STAR Food Environment


For star—ters (see what I did there?), why wouldn’t you get in on a program that leads to healthier staff, reduced cost, improved organizational performance and let’s not forget, is easy! Designed to promote staff-led, healthy eating in the workplace, the 4STAR website provides employers with a toolkit to empower staff in their journey towards healthy eating.

CDC's Writing Good Goals and SMART Objectives Tutorials


Smart goals are good goals. Thanks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's tool you can learn the criteria for writing a goal that’s concrete, achievable and most of all, SMART.

Je ne me reconnais pas


La campagne Je ne me reconnais pas aide les entreprises et les organismes à atteindre plusieurs buts dont avoir une meilleure compréhension de sa propre santé mentale, réduire la stigmatisation et favoriser des milieux de travail sûrs, ouverts et favorables. En participant à la campagne, les entreprises et les organismes reçoivent du soutien, des outils et des ressources pour informer et mobiliser tous leurs employés par rapport à cet important enjeu.

Protégeons la santé mentale au travail


Un ensemble exhaustif de ressources uniques et gratuites, conçues pour protéger et promouvoir la santé et la sécurité psychologique en milieu de travail.

L'activité physique à l'ouvrage


Améliorez votre lieu de travail en incorporant l'activité physique à la journée de travail.

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