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Supporting each other through COVID- 19

Sandbox S. ASEBP - | March 25 2020 1:53 PM
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With COVID-19, there has been a lot of uncertainty and changing circumstances. This has created some new challenges within the workplace and to staff’s health and well being. To support each other through all of this, use the comment section below with your responses to the following questions:


  • What information or resources you would like to see more of for supporting colleagues in the workplace during these uncertain times?
  • What are you already doing that is working well that you can share with other schools in the province?
Ian W. Wolf Creek School Division No. 72 | April 1 2020 9:56 AM

Hello and thanks for the articles. I really liked the idea of taking a 10 minute activity like The Glad minute and tailoring it to the reality that teams are meeting remotely. I would suggest the Sandbox continues to suggest these applicable activites. Further, the whole notion of being kinder ourselves is very important at this time as teachers are using forms of technology for the first time and that can be humbling.

Our teachers are encouraged/required to complete a Health and Wellness expectation throughout the week as they provide on-line education. This would comprise of the different dimensions of wellness. This requirement allows them to be intentional in the ways they will stay healthy and safe throughout the work day.

Megan P. ASEBP - | April 1 2020 11:43 AM

Thanks for the response Ian! That’s a great suggestion around the 10 Minute Wellness Activities. In addition to them being used as a part of a team meeting, we’ve heard ideas on how they could as a part of a peer support system or check-ins between colleagues.

Thanks for sharing your Health and Wellness expectation. What a great idea!