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Engaging Staff in Wellness

Sandbox S. ASEBP - | November 20 2019 2:33 PM
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What are some effective ways of engaging staff in your workplace wellness strategy?

Megan P. ASEBP - | November 25 2019 9:34 AM

It's important that employees are involved in developing a workplace wellness strategy and their voices are heard—after all, workplace initiatives should reflect their interests! And like this blog says, people need to feel empowered and excited about an idea in order to get behind it.

One great way to engage staff and learn about their wellness needs is through a survey. Surveys give you the chance to learn more about employee interests, challenges and what type of initiative they’re most likely to participate in. Not sure where to start or if a survey is for you? Check out this blog for tips on how to get started!

Here are a few workplace wellness survey options that might spark an idea for you:


·  Workplace Health and Well-Being Sample Survey. This site provides survey tips as well as a sample survey for you to use in your workplace.


·  Guarding Minds at Work. Based on the Psychological Health & Safety Standards, this site helps employers protect and promote psychological health and safety in their workplaces. Check out their initial scan and comprehensive survey that addresses psychosocial factors.


· Employee Interests and Willingness Inventory. This survey helps identify areas of wellness that employees are interested in learning more about, as well as expectations of their employer’s wellness work.

What types of surveys have you used in your school jurisdiction? Comment below to add to the list!