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Recruitment for your committee

Stéphanie C. ASEBP - | September 24 2015 1:08 PM
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How did you recruit committee members?

Megan H. ASEBP - | October 26 2015 10:43 AM

When our fitness committee realized they needed some extra hands for the exciting initiatives they were hosting, a message was posted on our intranet asking if there were any individuals interested in joining the team.  We had a great response and acquired two new members who were, and continue to be, rock stars on the committee. 

The learning was, by creating opportunity and asking you are bound to attract those who are passionate about the work and want to be involved.  Having some new energy in the group really refreshed processes and in turn the committee was able to reach more of our employees and span a broader interest base.  


Shandy M. ASEBP - | October 26 2015 8:16 PM

I've found that its important to figure out how participating in the committee will meet/align with the  interests and needs (what's in it for me - WITFM?) of the person you're trying to recruit. For instance, "because you've been passionate about issue A, I was thinking being a committee member would create a great opportunity for you to take action to influence/address/change A" ... People have a lot on their plates and want to know they can make a difference by becoming involved (and we know wellness champions are making a difference!). 

Lyndsey S. Alberta Health Services - | January 26 2016 9:33 AM

Our elementary school combined their Welcome Back BBQ night with their School Council AGM night.  We had about 10x more people show up than when we held the AGM on a separate night.  Many of the attendees signed up for School Council for the year, or committed to the schools volunteer list for special events during the school year.