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Implementing Movement in the Workplace

Sandbox S. ASEBP - | June 20 2018 2:31 PM
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The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology’s 24-Hour Movement Guidelines look at integrating physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep into the daily routine of all age groups. How do you think you might go about translating these guidelines into actionable ideas for your workplace? 

Peggy S. ASEBP - | June 26 2018 9:10 AM


The 24-Hour Movement Guidelines are a great reminder for me that our days consist of cycles that are made up of the actions we take throughout the day. The guidelines use the character for the number four as a prompt to sweat, step, sleep and sit.


Here are some ideas for implementing these guidelines in your workplace:


  • Promote the guidelines by printing them out and posting them on the outside of your office in order to start a conversation with colleagues.

  • Inspire others to get moving! Build community by stepping up to a walking challenge and tracking the group’s progress for free with UWALK.

  • Discover great information that’s only a click away. One helpful example is the extensive services and support for healthy sleep that Alberta Health Services offers on their website.


  • Include leadership in the conversation by sharing the Alberta Centre for Active Living’s newest infographic, Physical Activity for Decision Makers, at an upcoming staff or wellness committee meeting.