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“Breaking the Busy” Through Self-Care

Sandbox S. ASEBP - | January 25 2018 8:44 AM
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Since self-care can be anything we do for our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, we’re wondering what you do to help break the busy cycle, refresh your body and recharge your mind?

Elise T. High Prairie School Division No. 48 | February 4 2018 2:10 PM

I keep careful notes in my day planner to make sure I do not need to keep everything I need to remember in my head. I also make sure I schedule mini meditation breaks using the Headspace app. These two strategies help me, especially when life gets crazy. 

I also make sure I go run outside several times a week during the Winter to get some sun.  

Patricia T. ASEBP - | June 24 2019 9:22 AM


Those ideas are great, Elise! I also like to keep organized when things get busy so I don’t waste valuable mental energy.


Something I’ve noticed in workplaces today is our constant connection to electronic devices, which contributes to the busy cycle. Building a workplace culture that supports taking a break from electronics will create opportunities for individual self-care.


Here are some ways your workplace can encourage ‘unplugging:’


  • Move away from traditional meeting spaces and go for a walking meeting! Check out this blog for tips.
  • Spend time in nature with your colleagues, without electronics! See this forum post for ideas.
  • Talk in-person instead of emailing someone. Bonus benefit: you’ll both get the health perks of social connection.  
  • Make the staff room a ‘no electronics zone.’ This forum post includes a wellness idea called “Mindful Monday” that you can replicate in your workplace!
  • Think big! One employer’s ridiculous idea shifted their workplace culture towards greater work-life balance and gave employees permission to power down electronics outside of work hours.


What are some of your ideas for encouraging colleagues to unplug and recharge?