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Your Mental Health Means the World

by The Sandbox Staff | October 15 2020

As we send virtual hugs through your device screens and tell you how very grateful we are for all of you wellness champions out there, in honour of World Mental Health Day (Oct 10), we’d like to share a hand-picked bushel of our favourite mental health resources and blogs, all Sandbox-approved, of course. Share them widely with your colleagues.

Mental health is often compared to a basketball: when it’s inflated fully, it bounces back well, but when it’s deflated—even a little bit—it doesn’t bounce back as well, if at all. We hope these little nuggets can help support you and your colleagues, adding a bit of air to your own figurative basketballs.

Resources on Repeat

  • A resource for a multitude of dimensions, we’ve created a hub of School Employee Wellness Resources and Supports During COVID-19, which are sure to help strike the right balance between all areas of well-being.
  • A great program for any group, Not Myself Today is a wonderful option to help kick-start conversations about being comfortable with sharing how you’re really feeling with others in your workplace. We’re not all going to have ray-of-sunshine days, but hopefully talking about when we’re not feeling like ourselves can provide some comfort if others are able to be honest and vulnerable too.
  • Focusing on the workplace, this fulsome resource, Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, can help us home in on creating mentally safe spaces for all staff.

Boosting Blogs
For a few thoughtful reads to help you paint the wellness picture for your workplace, here are some recent Sandblogs to help shine a light on mental health:

And, as an extra nugget of inspiration to guide you, we’d like to share a mental health and well-being thought-leader’s tips for coping during stressful times. Dr. Laurie Santos, a cognitive scientist and Professor of Psychology at Yale University, the voice behind The Happiness Lab podcast and lecturer know for the Science of Well-Being course on Coursera, brings a down-to-Earth approach to finding little sparkling moments in our days amidst what is going on in our lives.

Here’s to finding your own silver linings and taking it all day by day. We’re rooting for you!

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