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Working on my Fitness, Workplace be my Witness

by The Sandbox Staff | June 1 2017

That big yellow ball in the sky is heating things up this month and the warm weather makes it easier than ever to explore your favourite ways to move! No more "Netflix and chill," people, it's time to take it outside!

Getting your workplace excited about going outside is a great way to encourage physical activity—and fun! There are so many benefits to getting active—including improved brain function, self-esteem and so much more—and The Sandbox has some great ideas for engaging your peers and kick-starting some new, healthy habits.

  • Put on your sunnies! And go for a walk. With the U of A’s UWALK website, you can track your activity minutes online and challenge yourself and the people at work to get moving. Tracking your progress is a great way to see how far you’ve come and is a great confidence-booster too!
  • Get outta here. If you’re looking for some fun activities for you and your colleagues, look no further than, an Alberta resource that highlights different ways to get active. It also has a searchable, online directory that can help your workplace find a qualified fitness professional to support your workplace wellness programs and activities.
  • Share the love. Have you incorporated a winning idea that has helped your team become more active? Share it on the forum and see how others have found success in getting their team moving.

Simply aiming to move more is an awesome and easy way to incorporate more fitness into the workplace and many of us are already doing so much. Use the freshness of spring as an open invitation to do more of what you enjoy. Happy moving!

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