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Watering Your School’s Mental Health Garden

by The Sandbox Staff | February 9 2017

A key part of a healthy school community is positive mental health. Since February marks Psychology Month—yes, that’s a thing!—our Sandbox Team agreed that it’s a perfect time to discuss how good mental health can help your school community blossom.

Resources at the Ready

A great place to start is with the Why Workplace Mental Health Matters video—one of the many mental health resources found on our resource page. Share it with your fellow wellness champions and school colleagues to get everyone on the same page and kick-off your Psychology Month celebration. This video from the Canadian Mental Health Association looks at the impact that mental health can have on various aspects of our work environment.

If you’re searching for ways to support positive mental health in your school, look no further than the Mental Health Works Resources. Mental health issues impact people of all ages and walks of life, so having resources on hand for any employee that may be struggling is vitally important.

Share Some Stories

Since a small activity with your colleagues can be the little boost we need every now and then, set aside some time to share a wellness success story or two. Choose stories that align with the Psychology Month focus and, not only will a positive anecdote help lift the mood, it may also get those creative juices flowing for other mental health initiatives that your school community could benefit from. If you need a jumpstart on success stories to share, check out Ever Active Schools’ Staff Wellness Success Stories.

By the end of the month, you’ll have a collection of shiny new tools rattling around in your mental health toolkit and you may even have some new buds blooming in your mental health garden. Why wait? Start watering your garden today!

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