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Warming Yourself up this Winter

by The Sandbox Staff | February 8 2018

The snow is falling and the temperatures are frigid, which means getting active outside may not be at the top of your team’s list of things to do right now. If you find yourself cheering when it’s cold enough for indoor recess, it may be the perfect time to switch up your thinking.

Living in Alberta, cold winters are a fact of life. By embracing time outside, you can freshen up your workplace wellness program and infuse some renewed ideas—not to mention fresh air—into it. And hey, you never know, you might even enjoy yourself!

We’ve pulled together a few resources to help kick-start your winter activities and integrate some physicality into your wellness program. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Help keep workplace wellness rolling. In this Sandbox blog, Matthew Mitschke talks about ways that you can “tune up” your wellness program and keep your members engaged and active. He gives great insight into how to clear out things that aren’t working, pump up your members, try new things and make the best use of everyone’s talents.
  • Get out for a walk. One great event that you may have just taken part in, Winter Walk Day, encourages people across Alberta to be active outdoors in winter. Use this event to spark some ideas for your group throughout the year. Weekly walks, anyone?
  • Connecting the wellness dots. This Sandbox blog talks about ways to set up your wellness committee for success. Incorporating some physicality into your wellness program is a positive change and the tips you’ll find here will help you set up a robust process and framework for your program—like getting your heart rate pumping on chilly winter days.

You’re now one step closer to incorporating more physical activity into your winter wellness programs. How have you integrated physical activity into your wellness program in the past? Share with The Sandbox community what has worked for you!

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