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The Heart of the Matter

by The Sandbox Staff | February 14 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since you’ll likely be surrounded by hearts of all shapes, sizes and colours today, we figured this was the perfect opportunity to revisit some of the ways we’ve talked about heart health—literal and figurative—here on The Sandbox.

We Got the Beat

Promote heart health in your workplace by sharing practical resources like the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health eTools with your co-workers, or by leading wellness activities that get everyone D.R.E.A.M.-ing. You can even check out this forum thread for ways to support happy, healthy hearts.

If those ideas don’t get your heart racing with excitement, just put The Go-Go’s on repeat and have a dance party—two beats, one stone!

I’ll be There for you

Hearts are synonymous with love and caring, which is why we’re also sharing ways for you to be there for your colleagues when it isn’t their day, their week, their month or even their year! You can cultivate a happy, supportive work environment full of Friends (see what we did there?) by focusing on kindness and practicing gratitude. Another approach that shows some love is celebrating your team with these tips.

We hope this blog helps you get to the heart of wellness this Valentine’s Day—or at least humming along to a catchy tune!

The Sandbox Staff

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