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The Connecting Power of Food

by The Sandbox Staff | July 12 2018

School may officially be out for the summer but that doesn’t mean healthy eating and staying connected are as well! July and August are great opportunities to incorporate fresh, local ingredients—hello, farmers’ market season—and plan summer picnics or potlucks with your colleagues.

One of food’s great powers is its ability to connect us through shared, nutritious meals. Build or strengthen your workplace community with food this summer with these handy tips:

  • Get outside for a sunny potluck. Find a date when the weather should be on your side and get your colleagues to pencil the event into their busy summer schedules! Start a ‘dish list’ for everyone to add their potluck item to and use your staff intranet, or a handy tool like Google Docs, to keep it accessible to everyone. To make sure your planned contribution is delicious and nutritious, have a look at the Healthy Food Checker.
  • Plan a ‘meet and eat.’ Your next meeting doesn’t have to be the same old song and dance—try planning a lunch meeting or a meeting full of healthy snacks. The Sandbox has you covered with resources to get you eating and meeting smart.
  • Promote wellness matches. One of last summer’s informative blogs included the fabulous idea of promoting locally accessible resources in your workplace to get more ‘bang for your wellness buck.’
  • Stoke your workplace’s competitive fires. If a dose of competition gets you and your colleagues excited and engaged in wellness, why not make unofficial, shared summer meals part of an official Workplace Healthy Eating Challenge?

For other ways to make these summer months Nutrition Month 2.0, dig into this forum post and be sure to share all the ways your workplace will be incorporating a dash of nutrition and a splash of connection!

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