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The Art of The Sandbox: Mixing and Matching

by The Sandbox Staff | January 26 2017

As a wellness champion, it can be daunting to have to come up with creative ways to inject health and wellness in ways that resonate with your specific group or school—like finding a specific grain of sand in a sandbox. While it probably seems counter-intuitive to jump into a sandbox in these situations, that's exactly what we recommend! In fact, coming up with a program or initiative that's tailored to your group is as simple as doing some light digging in different areas of The Sandbox.

Here’s an example. Say you want to know more about health assessments. A quick search of the words “health assessment” in The Sandbox’s search tool and—ta-da—you've got two dozen results in the palm of your hand!

After sifting through the search results, you discover the benefits of connecting with other wellness champions in the forum. You can see what people have said about their favourite assessment tool, uncover creative ways to apply your findings from a health assessment to promote employee wellness or, if you have more questions, you can post your own question.

Once you’ve perused the forum for inspiration, you may be motivated and want a more in-depth look at your topic of choice. You take a look at a blog and learn that assessments aren’t just a great way to learn more about one’s health, but also a great starting point for an initiative!

Now, armed with the information from that blog and some interesting tidbits of wisdom from your search through the forum, you start to comb through the resources listed from your search. You’ll see that you can use a mind mapping tool to capture all of the ideas your search just inspired or learn how to set effective goals. The possibilities are endless but more than that, you’ll learn how to realize an idea and turn it into something successful.

The Sandbox isn’t about one great idea, it’s about turning a handful of great ideas into something that's a perfect fit for your workplace. So the next time you're stumped, just dig in and get The Sandbox working for you! 

The Sandbox Staff

A varied and, frankly, dodgy bunch, The Sandbox Staff are a collection of superheroes tremendously fascinated by health and wellness, sand and boxes (not necessarily in that order).