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by The Sandbox Staff | May 4 2017

The Sandbox was built on a strong foundation—ASEBP’s very own SCHOOL model! This model is more than an assortment of cleverly placed letters, it’s a way to guide wellness champions through the steps of developing, initiating, evaluating and maintaining a workplace wellness program. We decided to break it down for you by sharing some of our favourite resources.

S – Structure of Leadership Support: Building a Case

Start with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s video on “Why Workplace Mental Health Matters.” It’s not only informative but an easy first step to take. If you’d prefer to dive in and learn the needs specific to your workplace, the Idea Readiness Tool can help you assess your organization’s willingness to adopt new ideas.

C – Committee of Wellness: Creating your Dream Team

Patricia Tallon, an ASEBP health advisor, put it best when she examined the art of participation and said, “The need for active participation in planning, executing and evaluating wellness initiatives is half the battle.” Leading by example can also do wonders when you’re in this stage of your initiative.

H – Health Assessments: Setting your Sights on the Finish Line

This step helps establish where you’re at so that you have a better idea of where you need to go to reach your goal. A health screening assessment or interest and willingness survey are great tools for learning more about your colleagues and your workplace as a whole.

O – Outline of Plan and Action: Use your Brain and Make it Rain—with Ideas

This is where you get to let loose—the idea is to think big and then rein yourself in. Brainstorm activities, look for inspiration in unlikely places and make the most of opportunities available to you. Whatever you do, just make sure that the goals derived from your planning session are SMARTY ones.

O – Operation of Plan and Action: The Ins and Outs of the Day-to-Day

The big day has finally arrived and your initiative is making its grand debut! Even though you are executing your plan, you still have to work to maintain it. Thankfully, the far-from-simple job of being a wellness champion is easier with Sandbox resources like checklists, guidelines and posters.

L – Learning and Progressing: Livin’ and Learnin’

You did it! But now it’s time to see how you did. Dr. Jeff Johnson offers great suggestions on how to put your work to the test. Surveys are always a great tool but even something as simple as a worksheet can be enough to help you reflect, assess and evaluate your initiative and its success.

Use the SCHOOL model—and the tips and tricks available throughout The Sandbox—to make your wellness planning as easy as ABC!

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