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Swing into the New Year

by The Sandbox Staff | August 10 2017

Whether you’ve been enjoying a vacation from work or you're on the daily grind, there’s no denying that the summer months are just more relaxing. There’s just something about those long, sunny days that we never seem to get enough of. That’s why it’s crucial to make the most of your summer with plenty of down-time, relaxation and planning for the year ahead. Yes, you read that right: planning! While a busy schedule is the last thing you want to think about right now, taking time to prepare as your summer winds down will make it easier to get back into the swing of things in the fall.

Take in the View

Chesa Corsiatto said it best—switch off the auto-pilot! As you’re enjoying these last few weeks before the new school year starts, try practicing mindfulness. This will help you be present and appreciate the time you have, while improving your mood. Chesa has some great tips for bringing this practice into the workplace. You can use this printable poster, which outlines a perfect exercise for summoning focus during meetings, classes or anytime you or your teammates need a moment to check in.

Hit the Ground Running

Readjusting to a busy schedule makes it easy for attention to shift away from wellness. As workplace wellness champions, now is your time to shine. In her blog, Stéphanie Caron-Roy outlines the importance of taking time before the end of summer to set goals for you and your team to help get ready for September.

Use this last bit of summer to unleash your creativity! Try brainstorming some ideas for a back-to-school wellness initiative and get ready to kick-start new projects and old favourites for the year ahead. Go on, let your imagination fly!

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