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Swing for the Fences

by The Sandbox Staff | August 23 2018

Remember that iconic line from the oh-so-famous movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come?” That’s just how we all want to think about our strategic wellness planning as we kick off a new school year. We’re sure you’re all avidly working on goals and creative plans to kick-start the upcoming school year and we hope that the Dimensions of Wellness guide is wholeheartedly integrated in your batting lineup. Let’s see how we can use some other Sandbox staples to get your brain fueled for opening day.

  • Establish home base: try something new. The intellectual wellness dimension reminds us that it’s important to put yourself and your team in new situations, helping each other grow and develop into well-rounded ballers by working on your strengths and weaknesses. Whether you’re eating a s’more for the first time (The Sandlot, anyone?) or organizing a monthly lunch-and-learn filled with nutritious snacks and knowledge, remember to help build stronger teams and keep your mind open to different points of view.
  • In the dugout: act like a coach. Just like any sport, it’s important to have a good coach and be a leader in your own ways. Jennifer Carson’s blog, Life is Like a Bowl of Jell-O, is one of our favourite pre-season reads, helping to add perspective and guidance on the great work you all do!
  • Up to bat: polish your skills. It’s always a good idea to have the right equipment ahead of the game and the Steps for Building Healthy School Communities resource offers some great tips on how to get your team into scoring position. For professional development opportunities and extra learning, you can always check out The Sandbox events page for other ways to work on fine-tuning your skills.
  • Round the bases: push toward your goals. Just like Babe Ruth’s famous point to the far horizons, calling one of his biggest home runs ever, it’s important to be confident in yourself and trust that your teammates can do what’s needed to round those bases. Stéphanie Caron-Roy’s blog, Be a Smarty Pants, offers the perfect recipe to prime your workplace wellness goals and shore up the home run you’re looking for.
  • Gather your teammates: support each other. Although Tom Hanks’ mantra from A League of Their Own—There’s no crying in baseball!—surely does not apply to workplace wellness, it’s a great reminder to take care of the team’s emotional wellness dimension. When looking for resources for your team, start with your workplace’s Employee and Family Assistance Program. With 24/7 access to online materials and resources, it makes finding a small nugget to share in your next team huddle not only easy to integrate, but easy to implement too.

As you get ready for another stellar season—perhaps on a new team, on a new field or with a new player—think about all the things that went well from the year prior and build on them for the year ahead. Just remember that whether you’re playing in the sandlot or The Sandbox—heroes get remembered but legends never die—all you have to do is follow your heart plan. Here’s to an amazing year filled with creativity and work-life harmony!

The Sandbox Staff

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