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Sweet Summer Dreaming

by The Sandbox Staff | July 26 2018

You’re by a lake. Or is that a patio you’re on? No, you’re trekking to your favourite campsite, right?  Alright. We give up. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, we hope you’re spending these long summer days relaxing and unwinding after a busy school year. Isn’t that what the summer slow-down is all about?

Championing workplace wellness can be a hectic gig, so the time you spend recharging is essential both physically and mentally. It’s also a great chance to reflect on the school year that was. The benefits of reflection are many, so if you find yourself reminiscing about ground you’ve covered in your workplace—or picturing new ground you’d like to—here are some cues to help guide your thinking.

  • Small things have big impacts. Where workplace wellness is concerned, it’s the little things that often make the biggest difference. What are some of the small changes you championed that helped fundamentally expand the way wellness is viewed in your workplace? What’s that teeny-tiny idea you’ve been mulling over that could lead to your next big breakthrough?
  • There’s a lot to effective leadership. Leadership styles abound but it’s worth spending some time reflecting on the style that’s most effective in your workplace. How can you best lead the way for your colleagues? What does it mean to take a healthy approach to leadership?
  • Cherry-picking isn’t a bad thing. It’s not always good practice imagining different ways to be like someone else (The Talented Mr. Ripley, anyone?), but examining the traits that have made others successful and gleaning what wisdom you can from them can be valuable for fine-tuning your own approach to workplace wellness. You’ll still be like you—maybe just a little improved.

Hey, there’s no daydreaming quite like summer daydreaming. If you’ve got your feet up and your head in the wellness clouds this summer, that’s time well spent. And when fall rolls around, to quote the Beach Boys, you’ll have the perfect chance to “make it real your summer dream.” 

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