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Story Time

by The Sandbox Staff | October 19 2017

Everyone loves a good story. Stories are a perfect package that allow us to come together and pass along information, opinions, culture, community, emotion and infinitely more. Less than the actual story, it’s in the sharing that we feel connected. In fact, good or bad, sharing is a significant part of our culture these days—so much so that the terms “overshare” and “TMI” (too much information) have become part of our vernacular.

Aside from leading by example, how do you nurture the “good” sharing? The sharing that encourages individuals to connect and inspire one another? What follows are just a few ideas to get you thinking about what the next chapter of your workplace wellness story might look like.

A Fern…Fine Example

Take Jenn Flynn’s “Positivitree” concept to the next level. Think about having a sharing board (either physical or in a shared space online) where team members can post their ideas around different wellness themes. This is a great opportunity for colleagues to learn something new about each other and share ideas for how to stay well. Some questions to get you started could include:

  • What is a passion or hobby that keeps you going?
  • How are you planning to stay active this winter?
  • What do you do to stay limber while at work?

Taking this a step further, you could use the results of these sharing opportunities to host a series of “Give it a Try Day(s)” at the office where staff are given the opportunity to learn a new skill (juggling, snowshoeing, speed walking…the sky’s the limit!).

Spread it Far and Wide

Do you have an internal newsletter? Most often, just telling people how to be well isn’t enough. They need to connect and be inspired to try something new or approach things from a new angle. Consider dedicating a section for staff to share their stories about their personal and workplace wellness successes and challenges. Demonstrating the vastness of what success and challenge look like from a variety of perspectives is sure to inspire others.

Finding ways to share our collective stories that serve to inspire others to achieve their wellness dreams or try something new is the goal. If you have a cool way of integrating wellness stories into your workplace community we want to hear it! Please share away in the comments below.

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