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Start the School Year with a Bang!

by The Sandbox Staff | September 21 2017

School’s back in and we're all likely feeling a bit of those summer blues as we get back into the swing of things. September marks a new school year and (potentially) new habits—and what an appropriate time to set the standard for your workplace wellness initiatives! Here are some ideas to help all of you wellness champions start the new school year with your best foot forward for your school community:

  1. Create a healthy work-life balance. Our blog post about keeping things in balance has some great tips for incorporating self-care into your regular routine at home and at work. Help your team achieve a better balance in the workplace, making it easier to find everyone’s happy.
  2. Set up recurring walking meetings. Discuss work-related matters while I walk, you ask? Yes! For some types of meetings, taking it outside can improve productivity with the added bonus of exercise and fresh air. Read Neil Neary’s blog post on this great idea and get started by lacing up those walking shoes!
  3. Set up (or spice up) your school’s mental health program. Good mental health can truly help your school community blossom. Mental health impacts people of all ages and walks of life, so having resources on hand for any employee that might be struggling is vitally important. Read this blog post to discover how small initiatives can make a big difference.

By kicking off your healthy initiatives early, you’ll help set up your school for a successful, happy year. Good luck and happy wellness planning!

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