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Spreading the March Message

by The Sandbox Staff | March 9 2017

March is an exciting month for all of us here at The Sandbox. Not only does everyone start to get giddy about the first official day of spring (which is in just 11 days, by the way!), we also get excited about the fun—and often delicious—festivities happening during Nutrition Month!

In the Not-so-Distant Past

Just three years ago, a few interested ASEBP employees came together to form a planning committee with the goal of raising awareness about healthy eating in the workplace. Since then, they’ve brought Nutrition Month to life by sharing information through intranet and news posts and organizing fun, informative—and yummy—events and activities to shed light on the importance of eating well. A few events they’ve hosted include a dietitian-featured “lunch n’ learn,” a post-workout snack station and a cooking demonstration, to name a few. 

Motivation for the Month

Although events like this are always fun, raising awareness during Nutrition Month doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. In fact, spreading the message can be easy when you take advantage of the wealth of resources available through The Sandbox. Alberta Health Services—a Sandbox partner—offers a variety of resources and information both through The Sandbox and on their website, including an entire section on healthy eating at work and a Healthy Eating Challenge to help you kick-start healthier eating habits in your workplace.

As you’ll see in Stephanie’s blog from last year’s Nutrition Month, the Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month website includes heaps of helpful resources that make spreading the Nutrition Month message in your workplace both fun and easy.

Test it out

If you’re not ready to start spreading the message this year, take the time to complete 4STAR Food Environment’s online quiz to find out how your workplace shapes up in the area of healthy eating. Once you find out where you stand, you can also take advantage of 4STAR’s many helpful tools, including detailed timelines and plans for implementing your own healthy eating program. 

As you look forward to spring, we hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to spread the good news about nutrition and healthy eating. See what impact it can have in your workplace!

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