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Sleigh Wellness this Holiday Season

by The Sandbox Staff | December 5 2019

The holiday season is upon us, which usually means lots of celebrations! While workplace wellness may not be top of mind this time of year, we encourage you to keep it present (see what we did there?) in the minds of your workplace family. After all, keeping well will help everyone enjoy all those celebrations to the fullest!

Here are some ideas to keep things healthy, happy and festive in your workplace this holiday season:

  1. Share in the spirit of the season. Give your wellness activities new life by giving them a holiday theme. Whether it’s a toy collection drive to contribute to community involvement or sharing a healthy meal, there are lots of great ways to keep wellness thriving this time of year.
  2. Celebrate collectively. It’s easy to get caught up in our own holiday traditions and experiences, so why not make inclusion a focus of your wellness efforts too? Making a cultural connection can mean all the difference when it comes to wellness success. Use this 10-minute Wellness Activity to get the conversation started!
  3. Take a pause for the cause. December is a busy month both at work and at home, so why not encourage everyone to take a pause from the daily hustle and bustle with a daily vacation or centering exercise. Taking the time to check in with ourselves about how we’re feeling is a great way to quiet our minds during busy times.

With these tools in hand, we’re sure you can rock workplace wellness all through the busy holiday season! And, if you’ve had great holiday wellness success, why not spread the cheer over on the forum?!

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