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Sharing is Caring

by The Sandbox Staff | November 1 2018

Sharing is a skill taught early on in life and now it’s coming full circle! If you want to share things from this site that inspire and excite you but aren’t sure how to start, you’re in the right place. We’ve pulled together three Ss (yes, we just made that a thing) that will help you make the most of your Sandbox experience.


If you’ve read a Sandblog that rocks your wellness world and you want to share it, simply click one of the share icons to the left of the blog photo—the same goes for forum threads. Not familiar with the icons? No problem! Hovering over an icon will let you know which platform it represents. You can share instantly to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or LinkedIn, or by email to anyone you choose.

If you’re looking to share a particularly uplifting edition of The Sandbox E-News, a simple 'forward' right from your email is all that’s needed to spread the wellness word. You can also take advantage of the share buttons at the bottom of the email—we have tweet (Twitter), share (LinkedIn) and forward (email) buttons that function the same way as the icons within each blog post.

Sign In

When you visit the forum, take a moment to sign in with your work email and the password you chose when you registered for The Sandbox and join the discussion! You can add your thoughts, experiences or questions to an existing thread or start a brand new one. You’ll also be able to like and reply to others’ posts and subscribe to threads to ensure you receive updates when there are new posts.


If you’re looking for something specific—maybe there’s a past blog that’s eluding you or you’re interested in what we’ve got on a certain wellness topic—a search might be your best bet. Type what you’re looking for into the search bar (found in the top right corner of every page), hit the ‘Enter’ key and wait for all of the magical Sandbox matches to appear.  

Searching for a particular piece on the resources page? You have a few ways to find it:

  • Search bar. Use the search bar under the SCHOOL image to sift through the resources only, rather than the entire site.
  • Filter by type. Click 'Filter By' under the search bar and select the type of resource (e.g. article, website, worksheet) you’re looking for.
  • Filter by category. Browse resources based on which letter of the SCHOOL model they belong to. Click the letter you want in the SCHOOL image or use the links in the sidebar and the resources will automatically be filtered to match your selection. If they’re considered 'Other' or 'Français' resources, these sections are located below the SCHOOL model and the filtering function works the same for them.

Mastering these three Ss will result in a boost to your current Sandbox superhero status—three different Ss that are just as stupendous. We promise that we’ve gotten the alliteration out of our system now, so happy sharing!

The Sandbox Staff

A varied and, frankly, dodgy bunch, The Sandbox Staff are a collection of superheroes tremendously fascinated by health and wellness, sand and boxes (not necessarily in that order).