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Say Hello to September

by The Sandbox Staff | August 29 2019

The month of September brings with it so many things—the Labour Day long weekend, back to school, the beginning of autumn and so much more! With September just around the corner, we thought now would be the perfect time to get you and your wellness committee prepped for this magnificent month. Let’s get to it!

  • Get back to school. Shopping for school supplies isn’t the only way to get ready for a new school year—try filling your wellness cart and soaring to new heights, too!
  • Celebrate World First Aid Day. On September 8, mark World First Aid Day in a less-traditional—but just as useful—way: by revisiting a blog that’s all about creating a mental health first-aid kit.
  • Raise awareness. World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on September 10, and although suicide’s a sensitive subject, it’s an important one to have open dialogue about. This resource outlines some helpful thoughts on what school leaders should and shouldn’t do in the aftermath of student and staff suicide.
  • Prepare for change. As the air gets crisper and we pull out our cozy fall clothes, it’s easy to see that winter change is coming. If you’re hoping the winds of change will blow into your workplace but aren’t sure just how willing your colleagues are to switch things up, then the Idea Readiness Tool (IRT) is what you need. For a Coles Notes-style intro to the IRT, check out this handy blog!

Now that you’re all set for September, make sure you get out and enjoy the final long weekend of Alberta’s summer months!

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