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Revel in the Good Times

by The Sandbox Staff | May 19 2016

With summer peeking its bright, shining head around the corner and the school year winding down, it’s very easy to think about those summer plans and enter into relaxation mode without reflecting on our accomplishments throughout the year.

September blows by like an epic storm of schedules and meetings—new names to remember and a slew of new goals. It’s easy for months to roll on by without thinking, “How did we do? Who helped get us here?” When January hits, it’s the same hubbub of activity until you reach the spring, where hints of good weather and freedom take over our brain space and set up shop. The finish line is so close!

Through all of the controlled chaos of activities, projects and sessions you and your fellow workplace wellness champions tackle, do you ever take the time to stop and appreciate it all?

Things we in The Sandbox like to mull over, when a project comes to a close, tend to sound a lot like:

  • Did we meet those big, hairy goals we set for the team?
  • How was it received?
  • Did people embrace the new ideas or did they think we were half—or wholly—out of our minds?

The Meat and Potatoes of Celebrating

It’s important to celebrate personal achievements or successful projects that you and your colleagues tackled throughout the year. It helps your team focus on the good work you all did and when those around you feel appreciated for their contributions, there’s a greater sense of community and connection. It’s part of the glue that makes a team stick.

If you had a roller coaster-like year, celebrating helps focus on the positive outcomes you all achieved, rather than brooding over those not-so-nice parts that made your life tough. Acknowledging moments of achievement helps restore confidence in each other and ourselves. It helps build momentum and it truly supports the team as it grows to reach even bigger, hairier goals; like running up a mountain and not even breaking a sweat!

We’ve also heard that when we celebrate, dopamine is released in our brains. Anticipating achievement and reaching that goal all feel the same. And you know what? It feels really good when we successfully reach the finish line, so much so that we want more of it.

Make it Happen

No matter the size of your achievement, you did it. You really, really did it! And that deserves some appreciation. Find time to kick-back with your fellow wellness champions and colleagues around you.

We suggest whittling out some time with your workplace wellness team and follow one—or all—of the below steps:

  • Get outside for half an hour to toss a Frisbee or kick around a soccer ball. Time away from the grind of your project or initiative will make your sanity and brainpower soar.
  • Organize a team BBQ and enjoy some time in the sunshine. Don’t forget the picnic blankets and cold drinks. You totally deserved it!
  • Bring some tasty—yet healthy—snacks to your next meeting as a way to say thank you to your partners in crime for rocking out on that last workplace wellness activity you completed together. Food is always the way to people’s hearts.
  • Host an impromptu dance party after a meeting or session together. Talk about endorphins and feel-good vibes!
  • Send a thank you card or note of appreciation to your colleagues or team for their impact on a project. Even the smallest of amazing moments deserves a pause for gratitude.

It’s hard to think that we’re on, what could be, the home stretch of a long year. Take the time to say thank you and recognize those around you who positively impact the work you do as wellness champions. Feel all the feels and hold those warm fuzzies tight. Working with others can be a challenge at times but when everyone knows appreciation and gratitude is truly there, we all do fantastic work.

Keep being amazing and celebrate that awesomeness!

The Sandbox Staff

A varied and, frankly, dodgy bunch, The Sandbox Staff are a collection of superheroes tremendously fascinated by health and wellness, sand and boxes (not necessarily in that order).