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Rekindle your Wellness Fire

by The Sandbox Staff | January 31 2019

Did you know there’s actually a Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day? If you’re wondering, it was on January 17. Apparently this demotivating day marks the moment when the excitement and fervour with which we created our goals for the new year fizzle out for a lot of people. While we’re all about celebrating on The Sandbox, this is one holiday we really hope everyone ignored this year, especially when it comes to any resolutions you and your team made regarding workplace wellness!

It’s okay if the excitement isn’t quite as high as it was when you returned from the holiday break but be mindful not to let go of it completely. If you find your motivation dwindling, check out these great resources to rekindle that wellness fire!

  • Promote your way to success. In her blog, Top Tips for Health and Wellness Promotion, Kylie touches on some great ideas about getting yourself and people around you excited about wellness.
  • New ideas breathe new life. If you’re finding yourself stuck for ideas for new wellness initiatives, check out this resource, 9 Ideas to Kick Start Staff Wellness, for some inspiration.
  • Tweak your environment. January’s long, dark days can certainly take their toll. So maybe some tweaks to your environment—physical and social—is just what you need to stay the course. Check out Cultivating Healthy Environments and this forum topic for some ideas.
  • Start at the beginning. Remind yourself of all the great reasons why you started on this wellness journey and look back at everything you’ve accomplished so far—big and small. Seeing just how far you and your wellness program have come may be the solution to kick those January blahs. Need some help in the reflection department? Check out Jocelyn’s blog, The Benefits of Reflection.

Now, go forth and conquer this new year—New Year’s resolutions intact or not!

The Sandbox Staff

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