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Psychological Injuries: Prevention in Practice

by The Sandbox Staff | July 4 2019

Did you know there’s a whole day dedicated to raising awareness around all types of preventable physical injuries? With National Injury Prevention Day just around the corner (July 5), we’ve been thinking a lot about preventable injuries, including a kind that isn’t always so straightforward: psychological. With that in mind, we’ve bundled up some resources to help you and your team make your workplace a little bit safer.

  • Know what to look for. Before you can reduce the risk of psychological injuries, you need to know what they entail. In her recent blog, Leanne Companion outlines different types of psychological injuries and the effects they can have both at and outside of work.
  • Get back to basics. We know you’ve heard it before, but keeping it simple can have a big impact! As Patricia Tallon points out, socializing is one of our basic human needs and offers several important health benefits—both mental and physical. Her blog’s chock-full of ways to foster a culture of connection in your workplace.
  • Make the most of supports. There are plenty of mental health supports available right at your fingertips. Take Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, for example, which offers a variety of resources and tools to help cultivate psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. And if you or your teammates ever need it, the Employee and Family Assistance Program, available through your ASEBP benefits, offers fantastic resources to help support your own mental well-being, so you can keep on being wellness champions in your school communities!

Ultimately, creating a psychologically safe and healthy workplace is a team effort. And every effort, no matter how small, can have big rewards—like employees who feel valued, supported and comfortable speaking openly about mental health.

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