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Post It for Wellness

by The Sandbox Staff | August 22 2019

Hunting for an easy-to-use template to help you promote your workplace wellness ideas and activities throughout the year? Look no further than the customizable Wellness Poster Series!

We’ve created a new batch of customizable posters that touch on every dimension of wellness. They’re Microsoft Word files, which means that they’re easy to use no matter your skill level or operating system. Each of the twelve posters come with a brief wellness tip to help you provide some context for your larger wellness initiatives, with ample room to add in your own workplace wellness words of wisdom (wow!).

Simply add your specific wellness ideas to the posters—discuss upcoming wellness challenges or events, highlight services related to your ASEBP benefits or EFAP or promote a staff activity for your next professional development session. Drum up your own creative ways to input wellness the way that makes sense for your team—the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

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