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Not to Be Too Short

by The Sandbox Staff | February 28 2019

Ah, February, our shortest month. You just got here, yet we’re already saying goodbye. And while we could gripe about why Mr. Caesar laid out the calendar the way he did, we mostly just want to make sure that February doesn’t get even shorter shrift. Because more than being just the teeniest, tiniest month of all, it’s also Psychology Month—and that’s no small thing.

Psychology Month looks to support Canadians in living happier, healthier lives through education and awareness around psychological well-being—and promoting psychologically healthy workplaces is just one way of working towards that goal. That, my friends, is where you (as wellness champions) and we (as your trusty sidekicks) come in!

The Long and the Short of it

There are all kinds of ways to encourage positive supports for the psychological well-being of your colleagues—it’s influenced by a broad spectrum of factors, after all. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you promote it in your workplace so you can make every month feel like February (without the polar vortexes, we hope).

  • Make time. It sounds like simple advice, but with so much else to do, simply carving out time for wellness in your workplace can be challenging. Whenever and however it works best in yours, try to pencil wellness in as often as you can.
  • Celebrate diversity. Psychologically healthy workplaces are mosaics of differing backgrounds and perspectives. By embracing and supporting those differences, you can go a long way towards helping your colleagues feel just a little more at home…at work.
  • Give activities a try. Ten minutes can be just what’s needed for a positive shift in perspective, so encourage your colleagues to try out some of The Sandbox’s 10-minute wellness activities. Whether that means growing their own (figurative) gratitude tree, writing a letter to themselves or just taking some time to breathe, there are plenty of places to start.

With all that said, we know that effectively promoting psychological well-being is a process that takes some time. So while February might be short, remember to take the long view when considering what it’ll mean for your workplace.

The Sandbox Staff

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