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No Fancy Gear Necessary—Get Movin’ all Winter Long

by The Sandbox Staff | November 28 2019

We know, the thought of getting physically active outside in the winter months may sound like a stretch for some; however, hear us out! In order to make sure you feel ready to invigorate your teammates to embrace winter activity, we thought we’d share a few warm, fuzzy tips to help weave physical activity into your wellness plans this season.

  • Improve your game. Did you know that sport and physical activity create a sense of belonging for those who participate? Ever Active Schools has great insight to share on their work building resilience with Treaty 7 communities and how this reflects out to the broader Comprehensive School Health community. Learn how sport can help your team do the same.
  • Build your sense of play. Our friends at the PLACE Lab have a wonderful recipe for building playful communities—and that means the workplace too! Dig in for a few ways you can serve up some play.
  • Train for that marathon. We don’t need you to run a full marathon to incorporate wellness in your workplace; however, it does provide a wonderful metaphor to inspire and invigorate. Hint: transformation begins with reflection. Did we get your attention? Well, the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund has some great training tips for you to help you share health and well-being with your colleagues.
  • Walking in a winter wonderland. How do you incorporate physical wellness into your workplace? Perhaps it’s as simple as starting a walking club! Here are a few tips to get one going with your colleagues. Let’s lace up and go!

Although it’s getting mighty frosty outside, when you’re prepared for the weather, you can tackle anything. The same goes for your goals of achieving more physical wellness with your workplace this winter. Try out some of the tips above and comment below on how you and your team are progressing! And remember, you always have a Prescription to Get Active.

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