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Make your Move(ment)

by The Sandbox Staff | December 13 2018

While the winter weather may not inspire you to jump for joy, it’s important that we don’t let these chilly days put a damper on our daily physical activity. Luckily, The Sandbox is chock full of stellar resources to keep you and your team on the move all winter long! 

While you Work

Whether you find yourself sitting for long periods at work or your posture could use a pick-me-up, take a peek at this article from Alberta Health Services, filled with tips to incorporate more movement into your day without even leaving your workspace. While you’re at it, check out the Alberta Centre for Active Living’s Physical Activity at Work website for some awesome ideas and tools to get your workplace physical activity initiatives up and running—literally.

On your Break

Walking groups are a simple way to ramp up your whole team’s daily physical activity and a great opportunity to socialize (nothing like covering two Dimensions of Wellness with one initiative!). If you’re feeling extra-inspired, check out this resource from ParticipACTION—it’s full of ideas for group activities. Lunch break yoga, anyone?  

In The Sandbox

Have a great idea to help spark more movement in the workplace? Join the conversation—you never know how many other wellness champions you could inspire.

Now that you’ve got the tools you need, go forth and make your move(ment)! And don’t forget to take some time to stretch after—it’s great for your neuro-musculo-skeletal system (we may have pulled something trying to pronounce that).

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