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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

by The Sandbox Staff | January 11 2018

Fresh starts are the best, aren’t they? We sure think so! With the popular mantra floating around everyone’s social media feeds, “New year, new you,” we thought it best to spin this into our workplace wellness goals too! As January is deemed the month for fresh starts, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Here are a few tips to get you motivated to kick-start those workplace wellness goals with your team this month (or year):

  • Refine the art of participation. Knowing that you put a lot of effort into planning and that success depends on the team, it’s critical that everyone remains engaged and focused throughout the year. Try out some tips from Trisha Tallon’s blog and see what sticks for your group.
  • Encourage reflection. Past ASEBP CEO, Jennifer Carson, was inspired by journaling techniques to maintain balance throughout the work day. Take a page out of Jennifer’s book (or journal) to reflect and fine-tune your team’s wellness initiatives.
  • Set the stage. Nothing says, “New year, new you” like gaining some perspective and committing to achievable goals. Barry Litun has some substantial tips to keep you and your team on track.
  • Lead the way. And we mean it! The only way for wellness initiatives to really take flight is if you believe in what you’re trying to achieve. ASEBP workplace wellness liaison, Megan Hunter, has some great information to help you stick to your priorities.
  • Be SMARTY about it. It wouldn’t be a “Welcome back!” blog without a little piece on goal setting, now would it? We still think Stephanie Caron-Roy’s smarty-pants goals are the perfect way to set the stage for wellness in any workplace.

We can’t wait to hear how January shapes up for all of you. What’s your main focus for the remainder of the school year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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