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Let’s Snack on It

by The Sandbox Staff | March 14 2019

In honour of Nutrition Month, we’d like to share some bite-sized tips for including food—and some snack-related metaphors—in your workplace. We hope these help get the creative juices flowing as you’re hard at work planning and promoting wellness throughout your workplace.

  • Utensils for wellness. To kick off your nutrition-based wellness journeys, make sure you check out the plethora of resources and tools offered by the Dietitians of Canada to help promote Nutrition Month all year long. Between fact sheets, sample blog posts and an ambassador toolkit, they’ll help ensure you have the right tool at the ready to cook up something great.
  • Refer to your recipe. With the New Year came the roll out of Canada’s new food guide. Take some time to read through the new parameters and challenge your colleagues to lean on the new guide to shake up your next team potluck or even just the snacks for your upcoming professional development day.
  • Take stock. Examining your inventory and replenishing stock is important, even for the wellness shelves—and especially when it comes to mental health. Thank goodness Peggy shared some advice on doing just that, including creating your very own mental health first aid kit and noting all the ingredients to add.
  • Just a taste. On your hunt for the ultimate wellness snacks, be sure to take a peek through one of our favourite past Nutrition Month Sandblogs from our friend, Stéphanie Caron-Roy. No matter the month, maybe one of her great tips on making a menu jives with your own workplace. Either way, enjoy the sharing and stories that naturally occur when we come together around food.
  • The joy of eating. And with that in mind, how cool is it that food is such a great connector of communities?! Everyone has their feel-good dishes that bring them joy. How can you instill this feeling in your workplace and create a welcoming community in your own surroundings?
  • Be like that bowl of Jell-O. Since that sweet tooth is also something we should be aware of this month, we’d like to remind you of the life lessons from a slippery and wiggly bowl that Jennifer Carson passed along. It’s packed with some great tips to ensure your wellness promotion keeps pushing forward as you continue building meaningful connections across your workplace.

We hope Nutrition Month brings you renewed inspiration and helps to sprinkle in some fun ways to connect with your colleagues. And, if we can leave you with just one more slice of advice, we suggest you learn how to (metaphorically) eat an elephant—for the betterment of your work, that is. By finding other hungry (passionate and committed) people and working together, you’ll be able to get even the most seemingly complex job done. Your colleagues’ stomachs and minds (hey, brain snacks are important too!) will thank you for it.  

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