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Let’s All Get Off the Island Together

by The Sandbox Staff | November 16 2017

Remember that epic Hollywood movie about the man marooned on a deserted island, Cast Away? Picture Tom Hanks’s character, Chuck, and his trusted side-kick, Wilson (the less than helpful volleyball companion), trying to ‘collaborate’ to get off the island and safely home. We use ‘collaboration’ in quotes because Wilson was physically there but not in mind or spirit, while Chuck desperately attempted anything he could to get the attention of passing planes overhead. Now think about how wellness initiatives get off the ground at your workplace. Are you a collection of Wilsons? Or are you a team of Chucks, working to ‘get off the island’ together, as it were?

Collaboration at its Finest

Collaboration is to work with another person or group in order to achieve something as a unit. It works best when everyone digs into the work and feels supported while doing it. So the next time you embark on getting an idea off the ground or want to acquire input from your teammates, take these Sandbox resources with you to garner even more of that collaborative spirit:

  • Encourage each other. Take a read through Brian’s helpful hints for creating a healthy environment that fosters teamwork and co-operation.
  • Support effective leaders. It’s important to build stronger teams and come together with common goals in mind. Use this resource to help you support your leadership team.
  • Create a safe space. Working with your team to create the ultimate, inclusive and supportive space is a great starting point for collaboration. Read this HR Council’s resource about putting this into action in your workplace.
  • Make time for thanks. Use this resource (specifically page four) to cultivate gratitude and get your teammates spreading their positivity in the workplace. It’s such a great thing to ignite in any environment, no matter what initiatives you’re working on together.

Do you have any other ideas when it comes to team building and collaboration? Let’s talk about it and support each other in the comments below. We want to hear how you wellness champions rustle up the collaborative spirit and get off the island!

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