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Know Where to Go

by The Sandbox Staff | October 26 2017

Whether you’re a workplace wellness newbie or a seasoned vet, knowing where to turn for reliable information and resources can be a struggle. The Internet can be a splendid thing but it can also make it difficult, at times, to discern what is fact and what’s just an opinion.

Since you’ve found us here at The Sandbox, we know you’re already on the right track! All of our resources are vetted—they’re either created by ASEBP’s team of workplace wellness liaisons, come from trusted partners like Alberta Health Services or are sourced from topic authorities like Health Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association and others. If you find it here, you know it’s something you can trust!

If our resources get the idea wheel in your brain turning and you want to search things out further, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the source is valid. While lots of folks on the web act like authorities on certain topics, make sure they actually are before you dive too deep into their work. Look for articles and resources produced by professionals in the respective field of topic (e.g. doctors, nurses and other accredited professionals), such as this insightful blog by licensed pharmacist, Yatin Patel, about looking beyond a prescription.
  • When in doubt, go with the obvious. Need mental health resources? Check with the Canadian Mental Health Association. Going straight to organizations you know are able to provide fact-checked and accurate information is always the best option. That’s exactly what we did for this Mental Health Meter resource!
  • Trust your gut. Most times our spidey senses will let us know if something is off. If you find yourself reading an article and something just isn’t sitting well with you about the information, trust that instinct. Try doing a quick fact-check of your own with another source—or ask other wellness champions on our forum—to see if the information adds up.

If you come across some great resources that you think your workplace wellness colleagues might find useful, don’t forget to submit it to The Sandbox. We’ll review it and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to our list of awesome resources!

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