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Keeping up with Change

by The Sandbox Staff | November 30 2017

You’ve probably heard the classic proverb, “change is the only constant in life.” No matter how much you plan, sometimes things can go astray along the way. To help, we’ve come up with some resources to assist you in navigating the changing tides and—what may sometimes feel like—choppy waters.

Scenario 1: Your Priorities Changed

Maybe your original workplace wellness focus was solely on physical health but now you’d like to incorporate mental health too. Perhaps your initiative didn’t take flight the way you expected or you just have less time to dedicate to the cause. Whatever the reason, take a look back at your outline of plan and action to help reassess your efforts. Didn’t have a formal plan in place? Don’t worry, you can still put your thoughts on paper with ASEBP’s mind mapping tool. Once you review your original plan, you might realize that the work you’re doing, even if it has changed, is still applicable to the greater strategy!

Scenario 2: Your Team Changed

Whether you’re introducing a new person to your team or reshuffling the status quo, it’s important that you all connect. You can incorporate these three easy tips into your routine or simply get to know each other by having fun together. And remember, continue to lead by example and everything will fall into place.

Scenario 3: Your Budget Changed

Smaller budgets mean your creativity can really come into play! Take a look at how other wellness champions executed successful wellness programs with a small budget or incorporate some of these tips for staying committed to your team. They require zero budget and touch on a variety of aspects of health and wellness.

Not all roads to workplace wellness are paved smoothly. When bumps pop up, remember that there are resources that can help you here on The Sandbox. And if you can’t find just what you’re looking for, that doesn’t mean there’s no solution—it’s just a question waiting to be answered!

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