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Keep Things E-asy

by The Sandbox Staff | February 22 2018

Earth Day may only be once a year but it’s always a good time to show the environment some love! Take advantage of all the paperless, electronic resources available to minimize your environmental footprint while taking steps towards improving the health and wellness of your team.

While the following three easy tips may not roll off the tongue like “reduce, reuse, recycle,” they’re just as likely to set you on the right path!

  • Plant ideas. Through resources like this wellness poster series—developed by ASEBP’s workplace wellness liaisons—you can educate your colleagues on different aspects of health through an assortment of tips. These electronic posters are a great addition to online newsletters or emails and, depending on your wellness initiative, can be either sent all at once or every month as a reminder.
  • Nip your risk in the bud. Osteoporosis Canada, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and many other organizations have online assessment tools that can provide you with insight on your health along with tips on how to improve. These are great to share with your teammates!
  • Recycle initiatives. Don’t be afraid to turn to well-established initiatives for inspiration or to simply tag along for the ride. Successful campaigns such as UWALK and Nutrition Month not only make joining simple, they also have a number of great resources you can use and make your own.

As you can see, keeping your initiative digital isn’t just easy, it’s a walk in the park!

The Sandbox Staff

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