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It's Playtime!

by The Sandbox Staff | August 9 2018

It was recently brought to our attention that August 11 is…wait for it…National Play in the Sand Day. If this doesn’t suggest that the stars have aligned for us, I don’t know what will! Needless to say, here in The Sandbox, we know how important it is to play—either in the sand or doing whatever else brings you joy.

To get you headed in the right direction, here are a few gems from our very own Sandbloggers who understand, and have witnessed in action, the important links between wellness and play.

A Recipe for Fun

In this blog from Gabrielle Donoff of the PLACE Research Lab Team, we’re taken through the necessary ingredients to foster playful communities. Read and learn from Gabrielle as she shares her recipe for transforming ordinary wellness activities into extraordinary ones. Spoiler alert—it includes play!

The Play Takeaway

Once you’ve had a chance to follow Gabrielle’s recipe, move along to this playful blog from ASEBP’s workplace wellness liaison, Kristyn Berry! Kristyn attended her first Shaping the Future conference earlier this year and took the opportunity to interview a fellow participant on her experience. The big takeaway? One of the best ways to learn and get inspired is through play!

Of course, play is important every day, not just on the 11th! Be sure to share all of your great ideas for incorporating play into the workplace in the comments below or in the forum—and how much fun you’ve had doing it!

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