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It’s our Party…

by The Sandbox Staff | October 10 2019

It’s official! The Sandbox is celebrating four years of workplace wellness wonderfulness (say that five times fast). We’re feeling four-tastic, and celebrating this momentous milestone has got us thinking about what a great party and a healthy workplace have in common. Hint: it’s not yummy food (although that helps)—it’s all about the fun atmosphere! So, we’ve pulled together some tips from The Sandbox to help you keep the good vibes going in your workplace. After all, it’s our party and we’ll share if we want to!

  • Happy employees, happy workplace. Happiness is a key staple of any good shindig and workplace. This resource from Homewood Health, ASEBP’s EFAP provider, features four weekly themes to help up the joy factor in your workplace all month long.
  • The joy of office engagement. Guests—or employees—who feel engaged are guaranteed to have a much better time! In his blog, ASEBP’s lead pharmacist and former Spirit Committee superstar, Yatin Patel, shares some awesome tips for cultivating wellness through connection.
  • Glad minute. Pump up the positivity, stat, with this gem from the 10-Minute Wellness Activity Series. Is there an easier way to turn any attitude into a glad-itude? We think not.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas, you and your team can go forth and spread the fun in your school community. Don’t worry—we’ll keep the party going here in The Sandbox.

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