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It’s All Connected

by Leanne Keyko ASEBP | October 31 2019

As some of you may know, over the past year, ASEBP worked in partnership with Alberta Blue Cross on their first-ever Wellness Summit. I’m grateful I was part of the team that created such an incredible event because seeing it come to life was truly a career highlight. The intention behind The Wellness Summit was to create a space for people passionate about healthy workplace culture to connect—more fully to themselves, each other and new ideas—with the ultimate goal of building workplaces where everyone thrives. As I reflect on the day, the insights and learnings continue to come. There are so many things I want to share! I’ve narrowed it down to a few top takeaways that I hope you’ll also find informative and inspiring.

Permission to Dream

Lance Secretan shared many fresh perspectives on business practices related to well-being; however, something that resonated deeply for me was shifting from mission statements to defining a common dream. A dream is about what we want to do and a strategy is about doing everything you can to make that happen. Dreams are inspiring, lighting something within us that helps unify people around a common purpose. Lance’s advice: find simple ways to say powerful things. How might your experience change if you were working toward fulfilling a dream?

Move Hearts and Metrics will Follow

Ryan Picarella spoke about wellness as the essence of business, which is fundamental to all areas of human resources and organizational performance. He hit home that people and wellness aren’t separate and the true value on investment in wellness is the investment in your most valuable resource: your people. The more you cultivate trust and respect, the more collaboration becomes seamless and leads to creating environments where everyone thrives and is inspired to contribute. We don’t question the value of being well within our lives, so why is it a question of value in the workplace?

Communicate Courageously

A thread throughout the day and across a panel of experts was around the power of communication. Healthy cultures are built through authentic conversations and listening with compassion. Creating a common language and space for vulnerable conversations can be useful to integrate psychological safety in the workplace. When we listen to understand and allow people to show up as their whole self, we foster empathy and create opportunities to learn from one another. Providing the necessary training and support so managers and supervisors can make this a priority is invaluable. How can you encourage others to bring their whole self to work?

Prioritize your ‘To Be’ List  

Drew Dudley encouraged us all to embody leadership and to define the things we want to define us. In defining our values, we can then lead with intention to create opportunities to live our values authentically every day. Although we may not be in control of our environment, we’re always in control of who we are and how we behave. Who is the person that you want to be?

It’s All Connected

Perhaps what I love most is that these ideas are all connected. A focus or shift in any one of these insights will inherently create a ripple effect across the board. And better still, they’re all primarily free! At the core, these ideas speak to beliefs and ways we behave versus adding more programs or creating new policies. It’s about how we show up to do our work, be in healthy relationships with each other and create opportunities to come together around shared inspiration. Fundamentally, it comes down to a key principle one of my mentors exudes—“Above all else, be a good human,” and that’s something we are all capable of.


For those that were able to attend, I hope you’ll share your highlights, insights and ‘a-ha’ moments so that the inspiration and learnings of the day can live on and be shared with all our colleagues. Let’s make connection happen here!

Leanne Keyko

Perhaps even more important than her ability to effortlessly balance a spoon on her nose (perhaps) is the breadth of experience Leanne has gleaned through her work as a registered nurse, physical educator and former health strategies liaison with ASEBP. Despite her inability to execute a somersault, Leanne is right at home rolling with the health and wellness crowd.