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Hip, Hip, Hooray, We’ve Hit 100 Blogs Today!

by The Sandbox Staff | September 7 2017

Well, today’s the day—we’ve officially published blog #100! We feel a Sandbox milestone like this deserves a stroll down memory lane—and maybe even a high-five or two—so lace up those sneakers and practice your high-fiving form. Here we go!

Blogging Bliss

Let’s start by reminiscing about our very first blog or, should we say, vlog. Yes, that’s right—ASEBP’s CEO, Jennifer Carson, did a video blog to kick off The Sandbox back in 2015! A Sandbox for Grown-ups outlined all of the amazing collaboration that took place to get this site off the ground, diving into why The Sandbox was created and how to use it to take your workplace wellness programs to the next level.

Forum Facilitation

Not only do you have 100 stellar blogs to refer to for inspiration, there’s also 46 different threads and 120 corresponding posts all available on our forum. You can read advice from other wellness champions, leave a response or start your own thread. The Support for Wellness thread is a great example—find out how others engaged their leaders in a focus on wellness and leave your own thoughts while you’re there.

Reliable Resources

The Sandbox also contains over 100 resources to support your wellness champion work. You can:

The Sandbox is all about getting what you need to support wellness in your school community, whether that’s from intriguing blogs, valuable forum discussions or helpful resources. Take this opportunity to start digging in The Sandbox today!

The Sandbox Staff

A varied and, frankly, dodgy bunch, The Sandbox Staff are a collection of superheroes tremendously fascinated by health and wellness, sand and boxes (not necessarily in that order).