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Heading into the Home Stretch

by The Sandbox Staff | April 5 2018

Our clocks have moved ahead an hour, spring has officially sprung and the last big break of the school year is likely over (or almost over). All of this adds up to one fact: we’re in the home stretch of another school year!

With the final few months ahead of us, how do we ensure workplace wellness doesn’t take a back seat? As always, The Sandbox has you covered with numerous resources to help your wellness initiatives power through to the finish line like a bunch of champs! Check these out:

  • This forum post discusses committees that were enjoyable to work on and why they were successful. Take a peek at thoughts from across the province and use their pointers to refuel your wellness committee’s momentum.
  • Nutrition Month wrapped up last week but that doesn’t mean nutritional wellness can’t continue to be top of mind for your workplace. It just so happens that we have a shiny new thread in the forum that you can use to make every month Nutrition Month!
  • Is it just us, or is attending an inspiring professional development opportunity the perfect way to reignite your creative fire? Check out this page for upcoming events, including a conference at the end of the month discussing the Collaborative Response Model, which works to build a vibrant and supportive school community.
  • Set aside a half hour to check out some resources, such as the Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health website. This site contains all sorts of workplace wellness information, from mental health resources to handy toolkits and much more.

Feeling overwhelmed with information just by reading this blog? Don’t worry, we have a solution! If all you do is to check out the Guide for Choosing School Health Resources, you’ll be well on your way to wrapping up another successful school year.

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