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Happy Birthday to The Sandbox!

by The Sandbox Staff | September 29 2016 | 1 Comment

Between the hustle and bustle of experiencing a significant rise in Beliebers, welcoming Adele back with a “Hello” and seeing Leonardo DiCaprio finally win an Oscar, we’d have been forgiven if we’d forgotten a very important birthday. If you haven’t worked it out (maybe that second cup of coffee is a good idea), we’re talking about The Sandbox, which turns a year old on October 1!

In only 12 short months, The Sandbox has been stocked with valuable resources and discussion topics gleaned from your workplaces and the perspective, advice and ideas of health and wellness superheroes around Alberta—that’s you! Along this journey we went from zero to wellness hero and managed to pick up an International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) award while we were at it.

Take this milestone as an opportunity to reflect on your achievements and how far you’ve come. Think about how in one year you were able to make strides towards a healthier workplace, start a community garden, swap healthy recipes with your colleagues but most of all, make a change for the better. And if for some reason today’s just “one of those days” or maybe too much time has passed that you can’t remember, here are a just few reasons why we’re opting for party hats instead of thinking caps today thanks to you!

  1. We've had 10,350 unique users in a year. Sure, that amount wouldn’t constitute a city but that’s enough to make up a small Albertan town—or enough sandcastles to put the Game of Thrones kingdom to shame.
  2. We don’t have just one, two or 100 close friends—we have 574! Come on, how many people do you know that can say they have an entourage this big? With 574 wellness champions registered on The Sandbox in just one year, think about where we can go from here!?! From tips and ideas to the lowdown on events and other happenings, we all basically have an “in” to some pretty top notch stuff.
  3. We’ve come up with 191 of ways to inspire. With 37 forum questions, 52 blogs and 102 resources, The Sandbox is a veritable grocery store of workplace wellness support. Whether you need a worksheet to brainstorm ideas or are inspired by a blog to take an initiative to the next step, The Sandbox is filled with inspirational goods for you and your colleagues.

So you see, a lot can happen when you mix a great initiative and a little time! As we bask in the glory of this past year’s achievements, let’s see if we can be even more inspired to make a difference tomorrow—perhaps even “shape the future” if you catch our drift. If you think we’re alluding to something, you’re 100 per cent correct because you see, there’s more to this birthday than just reliving the good times, there’s looking forward to the future—and a birthday gift of sorts.

We can’t stress enough that you’ve been an integral part of our wellness initiative and for that, we not only want you to join us in celebrating our special day, we want you to have what every great birthday has—a gift! As a thank you and high five to all wellness champions across the province, we’re giving away one free registration to Ever Active Schools’ annual Shaping the Future Conference in 2017. All you birthday goers have to do for a chance to win is enter and be a part of The Sandbox!

Thank you for making The Sandbox a place worth digging into, and here’s to another year of building ideas, wellness initiatives, healthy teams and, most of all, sandcastles!

The Sandbox Staff

A varied and, frankly, dodgy bunch, The Sandbox Staff are a collection of superheroes tremendously fascinated by health and wellness, sand and boxes (not necessarily in that order).

Megan H. ASEBP - | September 30 2016 7:59 AM

Happy Birthday Wellness Sandbox! A gigantic heaping scoop of gratitude to our partners who identified a need and helped to build this great piece of conduit, the communications team of whom lovingly tends to day to day operations, Jennifer who said "yes, let's build it" and to our Wellness Champions in Alberta schools, you brought the Sandbox to life.  Keep building, connecting and sharing all the incredible ways your support employee wellness in your schools for one another!