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Get Outta Here!

by The Sandbox Staff | March 23 2017

The old adage about March—in like a lion, out like a lamb—was certainly true for Albertans this year. I think we all watched as friends and colleagues escaped to sunny shores in attempts to avoid the “lion” part of the month. Now that the weather has inched its way back to the realm of reasonability and spring has officially sprung, it’s time to start thinking about our escapes a little differently. By differently, I mean local and workplace-related (this is The Sandbox after all!).

Luckily, there’s already a plethora of ideas on The Sandbox to help you get started, keep you going, point you in the right direction or see you through to the finish line. Wherever you are on your workplace wellness journey, The Sandbox has you covered.

Try kicking off spring in your workplace with Primary Care Networks’ (PCNs) Get Out Get Active six-week activity challenge. It’s free and is a simple way to connect with your colleagues all while tracking—and celebrating—your collective activity in whatever form they take! And did I mention that it’s free?

For an escape that keeps on giving, March is an awesome time to start thinking about investing some team energy (or reinvesting!) in a garden for your school or community. The positive juju from collective gardens cannot be understated. Check out this Community Gardens Handbook by our Sandbox partner, Alberta Health Services, for a wealth of resources that can get you started or help to keep your momentum going.

Jenn Flynn talked about creating “positivi-trees” in her blog on healthy workplace activities but why not try a slightly different spin for spring? Use your staff bulletin board to share ideas for healthy escapes or new activities or challenges to try—the possibilities are only limited to your collective imaginations.

Share your ideas for healthy spring escapes in the workplace in our forums—we’d love to hear about them!

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