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Find Your Happy with Work-Life Balance

by The Sandbox Staff | May 18 2017

We’ve all heard about famous actors or performers overdoing their work, concert or travel schedule and ending up in the hospital for exhaustion—Selena Gomez, Tracy Morgan and Demi Moore are just a few individuals who’ve reached this stage of fatigue. Although these are extreme examples of work-life imbalance, the earlier stages of imbalance can also be detrimental to wellness in your personal and professional spheres. To prevent such imbalance, we challenge each of you workplace wellness champions to find ways to weave self-care into your workplace. Don’t fret—it sounds more intimidating than it is!  

Create a Healthy Balance

For some useful tips to help you and your team maintain a healthy balance personally and professionally—like squeezing in self-care throughout the day—take a peek at the stellar blogs below:

  1. Create a great space. Brian Torrance of Ever Active Schools points out ways to cultivate healthy environments, including the power of collaborative health activities to connect students, teachers and colleagues. He also notes the important role our physical environment has in overall health—schools can be buildings of learning and health!
  2. Happiness breeds more happiness. By focusing on crafting positive experiences in the workplace, you can improve your own quality of life and also the overall well-being of your team. Check out Dr. Graham Lowe’s blog to learn more about how happiness can be contagious.
  3. Walk the talk with Cubic Health. If an organization doesn’t take their own health and wellness ideas to heart it’s hard to get others on board. When Cubic Health realized this, they jumped into action. By working smarter, they were able to find time for their team to get out of the office and get active. This healthy work-life approach wasn’t easy to achieve but it was well worth the effort for Cubic Health and their employees.

Use the resources above to help you work smarter and integrate healthy living into your workplace—including scheduling some self-care time daily. By doing so, you and your colleagues will work to achieve a better balance in the workplace, making it easier to find everyone’s happy.

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