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Find Your Groove

by The Sandbox Staff | August 1 2019

Getting back into the groove of a regular routine after some time away (summer holidays, anyone?) can be an inspiring time to hit reset and create new, exhilarating goals. Creativity flourishes under a refreshed mind, after all. Fortunately for all of you well-rested wellness champs, The Sandbox is filled with uplifting ideas to keep you and your team’s psychological capital in tip top shape as you get ready to settle back into your routines.


Make the transition into the school year even more enjoyable by setting aside time for team bonding, allowing the chance to reconnect and have a good laugh together. It’s the best way to ensure our long-term relationships with our colleagues are rock solid.


Aim to focus on the here and now by redirecting your thoughts to the present moment. Embracing the present can do wonders for your mood and relationships, both inside and outside the workplace. As you’re enjoying these last weeks of summer, just remember: the best way to make the most of your downtime, is by enjoying your downtime.


As Matthew Mitschke points out, to unleash the power of positive psychology all you need are the tools you already have! Whether it’s acknowledging your good fortune, showing your co-workers some appreciation or celebrating anything and everything, looking on the bright side can increase resilience and strengthen connections—both required for successful teams!

With these tips, we hope we spark more inspiration into your planning. While the workplace wellness journey is all about learning from our mistakes and failing forward, rest assured that we’re all in this together!

The Sandbox Staff

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