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Find your Flock

by The Sandbox Staff | May 23 2019

A gaggle. A flock. A bushel. A throng. Whatever way you describe it, community always means something special. It’s the hub that connects your activity, and without helping hands, collaborative minds or willing participants, a community simply can’t flourish.

So today, we tip our hats to you, dear wellness champions, for continuing to look out for all employees and all avenues for workplace wellness in your group. Without your wellness gusto and passion for engaging ideas, your workplace wouldn’t be as bright. Here are a few ideas to help keep the figurative gold stars shining.

  • An easy six steps. Why not flex your collaboration muscles by using Alberta Health Services’ resource, Steps for Building Healthy School Communities. It’s sure to point your bunch in the right direction.
  • Tools on tools. Take a browse through Alberta Recreation & Parks Association’s online toolkit, aimed at improving community wellness under one searchable database.
  • Look to your hive mind. The Sandbox’s forum is a great place to hear from like-minded wellness champs to help inspire you and learn how to reach the next wellness level with your troupe. We recommend the promoting a positive social environment and resiliency discussions.
  • Healthy relationships build healthy schools. If you need a bit of personal support, there are other, impartial sources to help you do just that through your Employee and Family Assistance Program (if you’re a covered member with ASEBP).
  • Come together. What better way to come together than in a flash mob? Confused? Let Leanne Keyko’s Sandblog show you the (weird) way.

The lesson here is to continue developing your herd, legion, brood—by simply keeping the connections alive. It’s all good news for the goose, gander and flock!

The Sandbox Staff

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