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Earth Day Work Day

by The Sandbox Staff | April 11 2019

Wait. What’s that strange feeling on your skin?? Is that…warmth?

You’re not dreaming, my friend! The sun’s out and the weather is warming up. It’s been a long winter for many of us, and we’re all itching to get out and enjoy a bit more of nature. And what better way to celebrate and enjoy the great outdoors than to embrace Earth Day! It’s coming on April 22 and is a great tie-in with any wellness program.

Here are some ideas that you and your co-workers can use to give your wellness team a boost and give Mother Earth a hug while you’re at it.

  • Volunteer. Organize a group activity to do something good for the environment. Get outside and clean up a local park or host a compost learning session.
  • Share your impact. What do you do to make a positive impact on the earth? Create an area where employees can share everyday things they do to reduce their environmental footprint. If you want to make an impact together, try signing your team up for the Billion Acts of Green pledge and track your progress as you go.
  • Help clean the air. Organize a tree planting experience with your group! Check with your local municipality to see if they offer guided tree planting experiences, like this one in Edmonton.
  • Wear an attitude of gratitude. Speaking of trees, take a different spin on Earth Day and get your team to complete this 10-minute wellness activity. Encourage co-workers to share the things they’re grateful for—Earth-related or otherwise.

Whatever you decide to do, make it fun! Tying in your workplace wellness activities with Earth Day is sure to spark lots of creativity that you can use to ‘spring’ your wellness program into the new, warmer season.

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