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Don’t Wait, use all Eight

by The Sandbox Staff | November 7 2019

With eight dimensions of wellness, it’s easy to pick your favourites and run with them. (Don’t worry, we’re guilty of this too!) Since each dimension is equally as important as the next, maybe spend some time focusing on ones you may have overlooked in the past and incorporate them into your existing wellness initiatives.

Environmental Wellness

Are you and your team in the planning stages? Take your meetings outside. Are you focusing on mental wellness? Bring a plant in that everyone can take turns caring for. Are you at the end of a wellness initiative? Celebrate your team’s success with fresh food. Whatever the initiative, it’s easy to make it a little greener thanks to nature’s ability to impact our lives in several different ways.

Financial Wellness

Incorporating a more individually-focused aspect of wellness into a group initiative may seem tricky, but thanks to a number of helpful resources, you can turn it into a group learning opportunity. Whether you dedicate a day, lunch or even an email to this aspect of wellness, your team can benefit from simply starting the discussion.

Intellectual Wellness

While learning something new may already play a supporting role in your initiative, it doesn’t hurt to let learning take the lead every once in a while. This can be as easy as spending some time to learn from the past, recognizing different learning principles or even attending a workshop, conference or webinar with your team.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is all about finding connections that provide us with purpose and fulfilment in our lives. To help your team discover what this means to them, set aside 10 minutes for one of The Sandbox’s 10-Minute Wellness Activity Series worksheets (search 10-minute wellness in Resources).

As you can see, integrating all dimensions of wellness into your workplace activities doesn’t have to mean dedicating a whole initiative to each one. With a little time and a sprinkle of imagination, you can make something really great—especially when use you use all eight!

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